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The articles of Association

Chapter I General Provisions

The first group name for "Shenzhen electronic cigarette association".

Article second the association is engaged in the electronic cigarette, electronic cigarette components and related products manufacturing enterprises, distributors,service providers and industry information unit composed of voluntary trade organizations.

Article third the association to the "service enterprises, strengthen self-discipline,coordination and management, economic development" for the purpose, abide by the laws, regulations and policies, abide by social morality, set the power of the industry,do the thing industry, industry services. To maintain the legitimate rights and interests of members, safeguard the overall interests of the industry, promote industrytechnology and management level of continuous improvement, and promote the healthy development of the electronic cigarette industry.

The second chapter business scope

Article fifth the scope of business:

(a) development strategy and measures of the electronic cigarette industry, to provide advice and recommendations to the relevant administrative departments of industry policy and development planning.

(two) members of the organization to negotiate trade occupation moral standards andregulations convention, the establishment of industry self regulatory mechanism,standardize enterprise behavior.

(three) participated in the formulation, revision of product standards in this industry,the implementation of standards organizations to promote the.

(four) the organization or participate in the industry at home and abroad ProductsExhibition (PIN) and information release, expanded enterprise product sales and technical flow channels; the organization of industry technology exchange andpopularization and application, promote technology innovation in industry.

(five) with the relevant departments of the industry's product quality in line inspection,evaluation and product certification and quality management, supervision; productquality information industry, to expand high-quality brand-name products in the propaganda, to users at home and abroad recommend quality products and newproducts.

(six) to strengthen the industry economy and information network construction, and actively carry out industrial statistic work; to collect, analysis and exchange of goodinformation, forecast the market, develop the information guidance and counsellingservice, provide the basis for government departments to formulate industry policyand enterprise market decision.

(seven) reflect the membership requirements, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests, the positive development of public welfare undertakings industry.

(eight) members of the organization to participate in the learning, training andinspection activities.

(nine) accept the government department or other relevant departments entrusted to handle the business.

The third chapter membership

Article sixth the members of the Association for the member units.

Article seventh apply to join the association, must meet the following conditions:

(a) the articles of association of the support;

(two) to join the will of the association;

(three) has a certain impact on the industry;

(four) shall hold a business license and other related documents.

Article eighth membership program:

(a) to submit an application for membership;

(two) the member representatives discussed by the general assembly;

(three) authorized by Congress or the Congress to the institutions of the membership card.

Ninth a member shall enjoy the following rights:

(a) to attend the Congress, activities and training association;

(two) the provisions of the articles of association of the right to vote, the right to be elected and the right to vote;

(three) to obtain the services provided;

(four) have proposed suggestion right, and right to supervise the work;

(five) voluntary membership, the refund will be free.

Tenth a member shall perform the following obligations:

(a) comply with the articles of association;

(two) the implementation of this resolution of the meeting;

(three) the provisions to pay membership dues;

(four) maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the industry and;

(five) to complete the work assigned by the, support in the organization of activities;

(six) to reflect the situation, actively cooperate with the various surveys and statisticalwork, and provide detailed and real data;

(seven) supervision, procuratorial and management to accept the will;

Eleventh members pay membership dues standard:

Twelfth members written notice of withdrawal should the will, and return the membership card. Member 1 years do not pay membership dues of withdrawal.Membership after the withdrawal, has not returned to pay membership fees and grants or donations.

Thirteenth a member shall not abide by the articles of association, the Association put forward criticism, education; such as a serious violation of the Charter of the behavior,the members of Congress vote, be removed.

The fourth chapter organization and production, responsible for recall

The fourteenth article of the by the membership congress. The member representative assembly is the highest authority of the association, exercise their functions and powers in accordance with the provisions of laws, regulations and thearticles of association.

The fifteenth Member Congress exercises the following functions and powers:

(a) determine the association in the business range and function within the scope of the provisions of laws, rules and regulations;

(two) the president, election or recall of supervisor, vice president, director,supervisor; (the election by secret ballot for)

(three) review the member representative assembly, the board of supervisors(supervisors) of the annual report, the annual financial budget and final program;

(four) review the member representative assembly proposed to member ";

(five) on the major issues change, dissolution and liquidation of resolutions on matters;

(six) alters or annuls inappropriate decisions of congress;

(seven) election of formulating or amending the articles of association, organization;

(eight) decided to terminate;

(nine) to decide on other major matters.

The sixteenth member congress holds one session each year, if no special circumstances at least once every two years to convene a congress. Congressconsiders it necessary or more than 1/5 of the membership proposal, to convenecongress. More members of Congress must have 2/3 of all members to attend; the resolutions shall be