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The Shenzhen Electronic Vaporizer Industry Association (SEVIA) is committed to promoting Quality, Research & Development and Technological evolution of the Advanced Personal Vaporizer and electronic cigarette industry in Shenzhen and around the world.

Our mission is as follows:

1.     SEVIA is dedicated to the promotion of advanced personal vaporizers and electronic cigarettes through a union for the communication of ideas and through healthy and orderly competition and advancement.

      2.      SEVIA assists in developing Vaporizer and electronic cigarette industry as well as the safety standards necessary in order to develop the technology and industry globally.  

      3.      SEVIA assists government and educational institutions through training programs and curriculum design to provide students with the most relevant and up-to-date technological and market information. These
individuals will then possess resources and vision upon graduation.
      4.      SEVIA provides all members with the most recent technology, branding and marketing information through publications, seminars, web portals and market exchange activities.
      5.      SEVIA holds regular trade cooperation activities and business investigation programs  to provide a platform for the exchange of information and to expand the opportunities and growth potential of vaporizers and electronic cigarettes.

Membership Services Include:

1.      Information Service Platform

SEVIA will collect and distribute the latest key industry information to all members including market prices, technological developments and trends and policy dynamics and will act as a professional development consultant for all government and member enterprises.

All members will receive access to the SEVIA weekly information pack and new members will be encouraged to publish their own enterprise information at no cost and reach out and communicate with all SEVIA members.  SEVIA will also be published in the Directory of Global Vaporizer and electronic cigarette Enterprises which lists more than two thousand enterprises with contact information and is used by many globally as a primary listing.

2.      Industry Training

SEVIA will design and run vaporizer and electronic cigarette industry training programs using the guidance and talents of industry experts and along with the Chinese National Department of Jobs and Education.  SEVIA will design and facilitate professional assessments and evaluation services for Universities as well asOccupationalSchooltraining and recruitment courses with the goal of providing a larger highly trained and specialized workforce to this rapidly growing industry.

3.      Technology and Market Exchange

SEVIA regularly organizes and holds industry development forums and seminars in supply chain management, market sales, engineering, recruitment and downstream enterprise development.

4.      Industry Cooperation and Joint Industry Research and Investigation Programs 

SEVIA promotes mutual understanding and information exchange as well as positive communication among all members and through exchanges, overseas industry excursions and enterprise visits to promote mutual understanding and trade cooperation between members for the purpose of stronger growth for members and the entire industry. Delegations are organized to participate in domestic and international trade shows and conferences and to expand the scope and influence of all SEVIA members.

5.      Quality Control Certifications and Testing

SEVIA collects and analyzes current global data in vaporizer and electronic cigarette manufacturing, safety and health standards and actively cooperates with related certification institutions and testing services. Members received guidance on improving efficiency, reducing operation costs, and assistance on understanding the requirements of, and entering international markets. 

6.      Legal Aid 

SEVIA works with internationally recognized law-firms to provide members with legal services and guidance and assistance in the case of any legal issues related to operations,management, production, market, channel or their international brand.